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Pro Flight 98

für Microsoft Flight Simulator 98

Spielbeschreibungen und Systemvoraussetzungen

This State-of-the-Art simulation Product, developed by some of the same Team Members that created Flight Shop, is the most signifikant upgrade for Microsoft Flight Simulator in years!

Adventure Planner - Fill out a simple flight plan form to create digitized voice adventures anywhere in the World.

  • Genrates up to 7 digitized air traffic controller voices, providing commands from clearance delivery, ground control, tower, derparture, arrival, and ATC center.
  • Background ATC vioce chatter is generated dynamically ... for thousands of different message combinations
  • Advanced artifacial intelligence module even determines which traffic you hear based on Airport type , size and facilities
  • Database contains over 6,000 NAVaids, 16,000 intersections, and 4,000 airport database entries. SID and STAR data is included for major airports
  • Database utility included for entry of additional waypoints, airport data, NAVaids, SID and STAR data
  • Creates weather based on your flight plan ... including multiple layers of clouds, wind, and visibility with changing conditions during flight
  • Even allows you to declare an emergency and get vectors to the nearest alternate airport

Flight Management Computer - Enter flight information and Waypoints on a fully featured FMC Keypad

  • Fully operational FMC seamlessly integrated into new Boeing 737 and Learjet panels
  • Links to Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 Autopilot
  • Automatically reads waypoint and airport database information from Flight & Adventure Planner
  • Full FMC functionality including: Route, Legs, Progress, and Position Pages

Aircraft Personalization Wizard - Customize your Microsoft Flight Simulator Cessna, Learjet, Boeing 737 with hundred different combinations

  • Fly a brand new Cessna with a custom Paint Scheme and Panel, or try your skills with an older Modell, complete with missing instruments, chipped panel, and coughing engine
  • Outfir your 737 with liveries from the worlds most popular airlines
  • Upgrade the Learjet with new color schemes and markings

Personal Owners Manual - Keep your charts, maps and checklists in the 3-Ring flight binder and owners manual included

Bonus: Includes a Boeing 777-300 airliner from the "Next Generation" Professional Flight Collection

  • Modern Glass Cockpit Panel with all new Gauges
  • Built-in full Flight Management Computer (FMC)
  • Integrates seamless with Adventure & Flight Planner


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 98
  • Windows 95 / 98
  • 60 Mb freier Festplattenspeicher
  • 8 MB Ram
  • CD-Rom Laufwerk
  • Maus
  • Soundkarte
  • Empfohlen ( 3D Beschleunigerkarte)


Pro Flight 98

Aktualisiert am 14.09.2006 12:51
von Gabriele Papenfuss

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