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Air Traffic Control

That's right! This is it! Your chance to experience the high-stress world of an Air Traffic Controller with ATC Simulator!
ATC Simulator puts you to work inside the TRACON - at over 48 U.S. TRACONs - and in front of a real radarcope as the departure or aproach controller. You are the controller and it's your job to safely sequence the aircraft, carrying thousands of passengers, for arrivals and depatrures in your busy airspace.
To the uninitiated, they're all just blips on the screen, but to the saesonend Air Traffic Controller, which is wath you'll become, it's a challenging 3 dimensional puzzle solved by coolly and calmly, sequencing, vectoring and stepping 'em down to create that "string of pearls" that has them lined up on final and ready to be handed over to the tower.
Sounds easy? Well think again! All you need is a 1 minute delay anywhere in the system or some bad weather and you're then going to have to stack them up in a holding pattern and then pick them off one at a time for landing when a slot becomes available.

Features: - The Online information system gives you every important detail you need to know about the aircraft in your sector.
- Authentic flight strips tell you what's coming and when!
- The 8pm shift at one of the busiest airspaces on the planet... Dallas/Fort Worth Approach. One of 48 TRANCONs included in this package.

Minimum System Requirements: IBM compatible Pentium II 300 or higher PC, Windows 98/2000/Me, 64MB SDRAM, Sound Card.

Optional: Headset with boom microphone for voice recognition option.



Erstellt am 28.03.2001
Letzte Aktualisierung am 20.10.2003 14:12
Durch Gabriele Papenfuß

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