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Syndicate Wars - englische Version

The explosive sequel to Syndicate,
1993 Action/Strategy Game of the Year.


Power. Your trench-coated enforcers break into a room, ventilating any opposition and "persuading" useful citizen to join the Syndicate. Violence. Arterial spray and laser sorch marks are the hallmarks of a job well done. It all hits the fan when the alien artifakts are discovered. Now. The Church of the New Epoch, let by The Nine, is rising as a formidable power opposing the Syndicate system. Gradually you begin to piece together The Nine´s sister plans. Search and Destroy. It will require all your skills in strategy and assassination to take and retain control of the situation - no matter which side you´re on.

  • 8-person Multiplayer over a network or modem
  • Fully destructible environment
  • Over 15 new weapons: Nuclear Grenades, Razor Wire, Psycho Gas, Time Travel Weapons and more
  • 3-D rotating map during gameplay
  • Over 60 missions in more than 30 cities
  • Futuristic Travel: Tubes, Bezier Roads, Hover Monorail, plus go-anywhere Atigrav Vehicles
  • Play either side as Eurocorp Syndicate or Church of the New Epoch
  • Official Guide to Syndicate Wars available

To play this game you must have:
for Single Player (* for Multiplayer)

  • Intel 486 DX2/66 or better (* Intel Pentium 75 or better)
  • 8 MB RAM (* 16 MB RAM)
  • 55 MB Free Hard Drive Space (* 95 Free Hard Drive Space)
  • Sound Card: Sound Blaster® or 100% copatible; SB 16/AWE32; Ensoniq Soundscape; Gravis Ultrasound (* 16-bit Sound card)
  • Double spin (2x) or faster CD-ROM drive, MSCDEX or higher (* Quad-speed CD-ROM drive or faster)
  • MS-DOS 6.02 or higher or Windows 95 MS-DOS mode (* MS-DOS 6.02 or higher or Windows 95 MS-DOS mode)
  • Microsoft mouse or 100% compatible (* Microsoft mouse or 100% compatible)
  • Joystick or Gravis Grip gamepad system


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Aktualisiert am 11.10.2003 11:59
durch Gabriele Papenfuß

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