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Welcome to the New Team Sport of extreme Gamers.


A new Kind of Single Player Experience. A ruthless Multiplayer Revolution .

A white-knuckle SINGLE PLAYER experience like no other! Guide your team of configurable 'bots' (virtual teammates) against the deadliest gladiator bots in the galaxy and become the Unreal Grand Master.

The most spine-ratting online and offline MULTIPLAYER action ever. Take on bots and/or humans in new games like CAPTURE THE FLAG, ASSAULT, DOMINATION and new DEATHMATCH variations that DO NOT REQUIRE INTERNET ACCESS.

With 50 LEVELS OF BATTLE, each one a work of art. A galleon ship, Egyptian tombs, submarines, speeding trains, space castles and much more! Playable online or offline in single player and multiplayer modes. These Levels raise d´the standard of 3D action enviroments.

REALITY BENDING graphics and sound. With high-resolution textures and painstakingly detailed game worlds. Supports the latest 3D accelerators but DOES NOT REQUIRE A 3D ACCELERATOR CARD!

All-new and enhanced BIG-BODY COUNT WEAPONRY guaranteed to send giblets flying! More than 10 weapons - each with dual modes of fire - are at your disposal.

Take CONTROL of the game. Train for combat in NOVICE mode and use voice-narrated TUTORIAL LEVELS. Go HARDCORE for more speed, more damage and way more intensity.

Easy to set up and play! Wheater you're a seasoned VETREAN of online gaming or the newest of NEWBIES, Unreal Tournament's familiar, mouse-driven interface will have you up and playing in a matter of minutes.


* Betriebssystem: Win95/98/2000/Win NT4.0
* Prozessor: Pentium 200 MHz
* Arbeitsspeicher: 32 MB RAM
* Festplatte: 120 MB
* CD-ROM: erforderlich
* Grafikkarte: PCI Local Bus Video Card (3D accelerator recommended)

Erstellt am 19.04.2001
Aktualisiert am 07.10.2003 17:12
durch Gabriele Papenfuß


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